The Berts Electric Story

When you work with Berts Electric, you get the strength and efficiency of a large organization — and the friendliness of a tight-knit multigenerational company that takes great care of its employees and clients. Founder Bert Heinrichs sums it up perfectly: “It’s important to be competitive and maintain a select client base, but what really keeps us going are the day-to-day challenges of providing design-build expertise, purchasing properly, and maintaining a core group of employees, most of whom have grown with the company over the years.”

Trusted electrical services since 1975

The Heinrichs family emigrated from the Ukraine to Abbotsford in the 1940s, and even though he is now retired, Bert’s traditional values continue to drive company work ethic and culture to this day. Established in 1975, Berts Electric started out with a small team providing electricity to farms, apartments, and new homes around the Fraser Valley. These small facilities delivered unique skill-testing challenges that helped the Berts team grow.

Demand for reliable, hardworking electricians increased, and Berts expanded to take on much bigger clients including industrial and commercial projects. From the Expo86 construction boom to universities and elite hotels like the Chateau Whistler expansion, Berts is always moving forward. Our proven track record has led to us being trusted with all kinds of complex electrical services.

Investing in the future

With a reputation built on over 45 years of happy clients, Berts has become an ideal employer for seasoned electricians and those seeking their first apprenticeship alike. Berts proudly provides a safe, friendly, diverse working environment with great benefits and job security for all levels of electricians.

“After years of working in different industries I decided to set my career path in the electrical trade; it’s been a great move for me and my family. When I started at Berts Electric I had little experience in the trade and no tools to do the job properly. Berts Electric has provided me with adequate training, tools, guidance, support and have given me responsibilities as I have gained respect among the company. The management team at Berts recognize the individuals who show hard work, positive attitude and dedication and are rewarded by doing so.  The owners realize the guys and gals in the field are the true sales people and it shows.”

-Kory Sorensen

The Heinrichs family’s old-world value of hard work, combined with high training standards and a dedication to internal development, continue to keep the Berts phones ringing 24/7 regardless of ups and downs in the economic climate. The majority of the current senior team started out as Berts apprentices themselves.

President Werner Friesen says, “Our clients, like our employees, are our biggest asset, and we work hard to take care of both. We’ve been raised under the Berts ‘work hard and you’ll be rewarded’ value system and therefore act cohesively as a team.”

VP of Business Development Neal Rempel wholeheartedly agrees. “If you come to us looking for work but don’t have any experience and can get through an interview, we’ll supply you with a hardhat and tools, and get you started. Continuous coaching and promotion allows our journeymen to be among the best in the industry today. Our site foremen are brilliant. In today’s industry they are both sophisticated managers and technical experts in an extremely challenging, constantly changing field.”

Always moving forward

Berts is always continuing onward and upward, blazing a full-throttle path in the electrical industry. Our team grows and adapts to meet industry and market demands, keeping our company open to new opportunities — and ready for any challenge.  

From our sought-after team of experts to our round-the-clock client support and appeal to young hires starting out in the industry, you can count on Berts to be ready for whatever comes next.